Thursday, January 14, 2010

SMS gratis 2010

There are some free sms collection of links that allow you to send free unlimited sms, there are some links that require you register first before sending an sms, and there is a direct live click n send sms to wordwide, unlimited free sms to mobile is taken from various sources. and please use it wisely.

1. Dodo Text
2. MObiLuck
3. SMS Gratis Wadja
4. fresms-4-us
5. MailTXT sms
6. Send FREE Unlimited International SMS
1. sms gratis 2010
2. free sms to All Operator
3. wrapper smskostnlos
4. sms gratis to indonesia
5. sms gratis to all operator
6. Send unlimited sms to worldwide
7. Send Fake sms / Bulk sms
8. free sms worldwide to mobile
9. sms gratis ke semua operator indonesia
10. kuripotxt sms unlimited wordlwide
11. Sindikat sms gratis indosat
12. sms gratis smskostnlos
13. freesms phreakyphonez
15. sms gratis indonesia 2010
free Fakesms / bulk sms 2010 :
bulk sms (fake sms)
BOMBER SMS update :
Bomber sms – sms bomber
mms gratis Indosat 2010

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trying to free sms via web

Some free sms service via the web that you should try, list following:

how to use? , please choose a list that is :

Aplication Facebook free sms
A maximum of 10 sms per day per IP ~ 22033172/index.php ( First sign up ) ( First Signup )

Be fun free sms for you ..

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